Team Collaboration Shouldn’t Require Five Separate Tools and Subscriptions

Nynja is the only way for remote workers to securely and efficiently communicate, share files, video conference and more.

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Nynja Works For Your Business

Whether you are a gig worker, freelancer, or independent small to medium business, Nynja eliminates the need for high-cost IT services while increasing productivity, reducing costs, and driving revenue.

  • Communicate with your team and clients - all in one place, organized by project
  • Host meetings that start when they should as Nynja calls each participant at the scheduled time!
  • Large file storage and transfer minimizes overhead and platform switching
  • Mobile-first design with transcription & translation powers on-the-go remote work

For small and medium businesses, Nynja helps you more than an Executive Assistant at the cost of one cup of coffee each month!

Why do law firms, financial services businesses, and other professional services teams trust Nynja?

  • Integrated secure, encrypted and password protected data rooms to eliminate fractured workflows
  • SOC2 & HIPAA compliance for secure client collaboration
  • Internal & client communications in one place for improved efficiency
  • Host global meetings that start when they should as Nynja calls each participant at the scheduled time

Nynja pays for itself in peace of mind – security and mental clarity so your work is never lost or stolen

  Download NYNJA Group Ltd. Type 1 Soc 2 with HIPAA/HITECH 2021

The best collaboration platform for Creative Service Providers helping clients with photo and video production, gaming services, and more.

  • Seamlessly share large files (such as photos and videos) with clients for hassle-free collaboration
  • Host global meetings that start when they should as Nynja calls each participant at the scheduled time
  • Internal & client communications in one place so your audiences see what you create faster
  • Centrally store all client materials in one place

Nynja is the all-in-one collaboration solution that ensures your systems never stand in the way of your art

Why do Enterprise and Large Businesses choose Nynja for collaboration? Because it saves money, makes large teams better, and ensures security.

  • Share large files securely and seamlessly, across the office or around the world
  • Superior SOC2/HIPAA compliant communications management
  • Integrated internal & external communications in over 100 languages to get things done more efficiently
  • Host global meetings that start when they should as Nynja calls each participant at the scheduled time!

Nynja brings the latest & best features for your enterprise. Manage employee collaboration and boost productivty at a lower cost.


All-in-one communications

Improve Quality & Productivity

Video conference chat logs disappear and sharing a 4 GB file through messaging platforms requires opening a separate file-sharing application. Efficiency suffers when tools don’t talk to each other. Nynja unifies your communications, so you can get work done.

One service to replace many

Simplify and Reduce Costs

You have probably already hit file storage limitations on other platforms and realize the costs of multiple subscriptions quickly pile up. Our users get more done and save an estimated 60% with Nynja.


Focus on what matters most

Increase Revenue

Streamlining internal and external communications drives successful outcomes. Nynja users report an average 30% new business close rate improvement after switching to the platform.

HIPAA and SOC2 compliant

Stay Secure

Nynja was built from the ground up with a security-first mindset to protect you and your data. Work with the peace of mind of messaging encryption, advanced compliance, and more.


Thousands of businesses run on Nynja

With better meeting management we increased our new business close rates 30% after switching to the platform.


Robert V New York, NY

Every month we are saving more than $1500 since we switched to Nynja; and managing one subscription instead of 5, has definitely been valuable .


Samantha J Omaha, NE

We are in the medical field, so compliance matters, and other tools don't offer the HIPAA standards we need. Nynja feels super-secure.


Madison G Sacramento, CA


One platform for all your communications

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