Nov 1, 2021

Team Collaboration Software Interview

Our CEO JR Guerrieri was interviewed on Bloomberg’s The RedChip Money Report® and provided an “in-depth” overview of NYNJA’s next generation “Team Collaboration Software” and the key challenges that it solves for users. 

During the interview, JR highlighted the fact that “..the technology exists and why can’t we put this all together and create all the mission critical applications that we use in the course of our business day and we came up with the concept NYNJA and we wanted to make it because most of us were on the road 30 to 40 weeks a year we wanted to make it very mobile-friendly so we made it mobile first which means you can do everything from your mobile device that you would be able to do from your desktop.” 

You can watch the entire Bloomberg TV interview below.

About NYNJA’s Team Collaboration Platform

NYNJA helps communicate with both teams and clients all in one place and can be organized by specific projects. Another terrific feature is the storage of very large files and transfers without having users to pay for additional 3rd party storage platforms. Most importantly, NYNJA was built with a security-first mindset to give its users peace of mind with messaging encryption and HIPAA and SOC-2 advanced compliance.

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