Software Updates for Web, Desktop and Smartphone Users

May 12, 2021

This week has brought another great list of enhancements and new features to NYNJA users, on June 24 and 25, 2020. See them all below.

Web Browser Release v0.36.0

Refresh your browser window to be sure you’re using the latest version. Updates include:

  • Implement Call Recording

  • Implement Call Pickup: from a Mobile call, you can switch to Web

  • Add “Notes” to Groups

  • Improve the video feeds on conference calls

  • New menu for conference calls

  • Add the ability to minimize video feeds view when calling is in full screen view

Mobile Updates

If your smartphone does not update automatically please visit the appropriate app download store for your device.

iOS iPhone Version 0.21

– Implement call-pickup: from a Web call, you can switch to Mobile

– Fix local video feed rotation on conference calls

– Ability to rotate the image and video preview

– Update Terms of Use URL in registration page

– Add time zones option on schedule meeting

– Update the meeting reminder message

– General performance improvements

Android Version 0.21

  • Refactor incoming call ringing

  • Implement Call Pickup: from a Web call, you can switch to Mobile

  • Fix profile picture update

  • Add functionality to start a video conference call from a group or from the Wheel menu

  • Add commands to accept and end calls from connected Bluetooth device

  • General performance improvements

Desktop version 0.4.0

Desktop users should see a red update button or can download a new version from our website at

  • Improvements in Google login authentication to process through default browser

  • Handled permissions to show proper message for desktop applications

  • Show members’ video feeds and screen sharing while a member’s media feed is on full screen in small window

  • Calling: Added the count of unread messages in the badge notification for new message on the ‘return to chat’ button

  • Calling: Group admins can moderate the conference call

  • Calling: Better active speaker notification when a user is joined from multiple places

  • New meeting improvements and functionality

  • Connectivity improvements

  • Stability improvements

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